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Joshua Morton - JMPH-0521b-i

Thanks for visiting my Website!

Growing up I always had some interest in Art, Drawing & Photography. I’ve always had a Camera on me and taken plenty of Photos, but upon purchasing my first DSLR I began to really appreciate a ‘quality’ Photograph. In November 2009 I was given an opportunity to learn more about Photography – by our own Wedding Photographer.

I took this opportunity seriously and jumped into the deep-end, to learn as much as I could with every occasion. Working as a second-shooter for a Wedding Photographer, taught me to keep an eye out for those small moments often happening in the background – and it taught me to be quick and ready to actually catch them! This natural look is becoming increasingly popular, so I continued to keep my ‘photography style’ relaxed and as casual as possible.

I have continued to look for new opportunities to learn and expand my Portfolio. I have worked with the Brisbane Roar, Scene Magazine, Musicians & Athletes, Photographed the inaugural Sprung Hip Hop Festival, met a number of Corporate Clients, aswell as lots of great Couples and Families! More recently my Wedding Photography has really picked up and I’ve been lucky enough to Photograph a number of Weddings throughout Brisbane and the Gold Coast – aswell as Daydream Island and Koh Samui, Thailand with plenty more to come.

On my Website you will find some samples of my work as well as my basicPricing. I’m not the cheapest – but far from the most expensive! I will work with you to ensure we’re both happy! I don’t do it for the money, I take Photos because it’s fun – and enjoy making other people happy – and Photography is one of the easiest ways to do so. Send me an enquiry today!

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