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Gav, Eva & Elliot | New Born Shoot

My first Photoshoot of 2012 was with Gavin, Eva and their new Baby Elliott. Elliott would have normally only been a week old had he arrived on time, however he decided he’d surprise Mum & Dad early, so he was already a few weeks old for this Shoot. This was only about my 3rd attempt…

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Harish, Marsha & Himaani

Only 2 weeks ago, Harish and Marsha welcomed their first Baby Himaani into the World. I’ve only had a few attemps at New Born Photography, but they were still brave enough to trust me with such an important occasion! I had a great time and we managed to get a few great shots in between feeds…

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Charlotte Summer

Recently I took some Maternity Style Photo’s for Daniel and Amanda – today I met their new Baby Girl, Charlotte Summer! New Born Photography is still relatively new to me, but together we managed to get some great Photo’s. Here’s a few of my Favourites: More Photo’s are available HERE.

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